George L. Lund

Valley Elite F.C. is excited to announce one of our newest coaches, George L. Lund.  George will be bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to our club, so we thought it would be good to share some information about him, his background and get his answers to questions our Valley Elite players were curious about.  He began coaching PeeWee hockey in his senior year (1974) at Notre Dame. Shortly after, he started coaching soccer for a recreational team in 1978 for the Michiana Soccer Association in South Bend, IN, and continued there until 2000. He has coached hockey at various levels from 5/6 years old to high school, including coaching at the middle school he taught at  in South Bend for 39 years. 

At the Michiana Soccer Association he coached u5 to u18 teams and in 1981 became the first soccer coach at Sound Bend Clay High School where he coached for 30 seasons, winning 318 games. Additionally, he coached 5th and 6th grade soccer at Stanly Clark School for 38 seasons. In 2001, George started coaching in the Jr. Irish Travel Soccer Club, for various teams from u9 through u14 as well as serving as the Coaching Director for 3 years. 


George holds a National C License from the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and a National License from the United Soccer Coaches Association. He has attended numerous workshops put on the University of Notre Dame soccer program and is constantly working to improve his coaching by using online coaching websites for new training activities. In addition to his extensive coaching experience, George has 39 years of teaching experience which is very evident when watching him interact with his athletes.  We’re so grateful to have him join our club! 


"My coaching philosophy is two fold. The game should be fun and player development is the main goal. I will bring my passion for the sport to encourage your child to love the sport and want to improve. I use a variety of training activities to improve a players technical and tactical abilities." 

Did you play soccer yourself? Where and how long? 

“I did not play soccer growing up, but did play for a number of seasons in an adult league.” 

What made you want to coach for Valley Elite? 

“I love coaching soccer and living in the Bitterroot Valley, I believe that Valley Elite is the right club for me.” 

What do you do when you are not coaching? 

“I love to spend time with my sons George and Marty, George's wife and my three grandchildren.”

What are you passionate about? 

“Obviously I am passionate about soccer. I am also passionate about my family. I love to travel and have been to 49 states and 6 Canadian provinces. I am an avid photographer.” 

Who is your favorite pro player? Why? 

“I am a big Liverpool fan and really liked Steven Garrard when he played and currently love Roberto Firmino.” 

How many times can you juggle or what is your record? 

“When I used to practice myself I was able to juggle 50, with my record 52.” 

What is your favorite soccer movie or other movie? 

“My two favorite soccer movies are Victory and Will.” 

What is your favorite musical artist/band/genre, etc? 

“I am a big Classical Rock fan, mostly what is called Progressive Rock. I have been to over 150 concerts in my life, including Genesis, Yes, Kansas, The Who, Styx, Bruce Sprinsteen, and Journey. Currently one of my favorite groups is For King and Country.” 

What is your favorite food? 

“I am half Italian, so any Italian food and pizza!”

What is your favorite hobby outside of soccer? 

“I love photography and technology.” 

What are the top 5 things I should/could do to improve my game? 

“1. Practice. Attend team practices, practice individually, play with friends. 

2. Watch the game at the professional level. 

3. Play other sports to increase your athletic ability. 

4. Eat right.

5. Get proper rest.”

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