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May 9, 2018 - Weekend Recap: A Message from the President and Vice President


Valley Elite Community,

We had most of our teams traveling again this weekend and had great competition across the board.  The club is excited to see continued growth in the "Soccer IQ" our teams are displaying. The energy around our games is growing as both parents and players start to grasp the potential we have as a club to forward the game of Soccer. See our scores from this past weekend below.

The VE Academy boys and girls (co-ed) teams each played two games in Missoula last weekend.  The boys had mixed results in terms of the scores, demonstrating both how far we've come and how far we still need to go to be competitive at the top level in Montana. The girls played two tough games and showed a lot of skill, focus, and determination despite the team's best goal scoring threat being absent for the weekend.  We gear up next for the Hot Shots Tournament and look forward to fun weekend in Coeur d'Alene.

With our entire club packing up to travel to the Hot Shots Tournament this weekend, we should all be ready to see an altogether different level of competition as we face teams from many different soccer clubs.  We look forward to hearing all of you cheer and encourage our kids!!! The weather is predicted to be warm and sunny for most of the weekend so think about bringing those bar-b-ques with you as an alternate to going out. The kids love being together as much as possible on these weekends and a few group meals on the bar-b-que can definitely save some money and time between games.

U13 Boys
Valley Elite 5 - 1 Wildhorse YSA Orange
Valley Elite 2 - 8 Flathead Rapids Black

U14 Girls (unofficial scores)
Valley Elite 3 - 4 Flathead Force Green
Valley Elite 0 - 0 Flathead Rapids Black

U15 Boys
Valley Elite 1 - 3 Stevensville Sabres Green
Valley Elite 2 - 1 Blitzz FC White

U16 Girls
Valley Elite 1 - 4 FC Missoula
Valley Elite 0 - 4 Polson FC Navy

U18 Boys - OFF

Steve Herbstritt, President and Dave Molesh, Vice President



May 1, 2018 - Weekend Recap: A Message from the President and Vice President


Valley Elite Community,


This weekend had our teams spread out from Hamilton to Livingston again.  It is good to have the Gray and White of Valley Elite representing the Bitterroot in so many different places!


Our coaching staff continues to see strides in the right direction as we work to build a more fundamental based approach to playing the game, which eventually allows tactics to be employed. Our kids are changing the way they think about soccer and we are starting to see the results of that to the pitch. As with any transition and transformation, the end results don’t appear overnight, so keep encouraging them!!


We have stepped out of our comfort zone in playing premier teams as well as older teams in order to allow our teams to play as much as possible this season. Additionally, this benefits our teams through experience of competition at a generally higher level of play; a level to which we aspire as a club! Wins and losses are all coming in these hotly contested matches.


U13 Boys

Valley Elite 2 - 1 Helena Arsenal

Valley Elite 2 - 6 Polson Navy FC


U14 Girls

Valley Elite 0 - 7 Blitzz FC Gold

Valley Elite 3 – 0 Butte Soccer Orange


U15 Boys 

Valley Elite 1 – 5 Butte Orange

Valley Elite 0 - 6 Queen City FC


U16 Girls 

Valley Elite 0 - 4 Helena Arsenal SC

Valley Elite 1 - 5 Blitzz FC Blue


U18 Boys 

Valley Elite 2 - 5 MC Posse Maroon

Valley Elite 3 - 4 Livingston YSA Purple


There are no home games this weekend as many of our teams will travel to Missoula and Polson. Our U15 Boys team will play in Stevensville at 8 AM and 2 PM. If you have the chance, come on out and show your support!


The Valley Elite Academy had a great day in Whitefish on Saturday. Our boys and girls (co-ed) U11 teams played very well and had great results.  Their development of technique and team play is really paying off with both teams dominating possession and creating lots of good scoring chances.  Next Saturday, we take a much shorter trip to Missoula but face a tough challenge playing against Missoula Strikers and Missoula FC. It will be a good test of how far we have come and a good warm up for the big tournament weekends coming up. 


Steve Herbstritt, President and Dave Molesh, Vice President



April 24, 2018 - Weekend Recap: A Message from the President and Vice President


Valley Elite Community,


This past weekend we had our teams spread out a bit and our U15 Boys and U16 Girls enjoyed a break. See below for our official team scores.


Rob Stevens and our U13 Boys took a road trip to Whitefish where they came up against some stiff competition. To quote a soccer mind and mentor, "in soccer you never lose, you win or your learn." They learned a lot in Whitefish! Great job keeping your heads up boys - no quit in that group! 


Tiffany Jette had her U14 Girls team primed and ready to play in Missoula, where they swept both FC Missoula and Flathead Rapids.


Thank you to everyone that came out to help Dave Molesh and the U18 Boys rebound from a tough first game at the Hamilton High School soccer fields with a win in the second game!  Also thanks to all who have come out and helped with the concessions stand at the home games!  Proceeds from concessions go to help the club and ultimately the kids which is always our goal.


Our Academy teams played small-sided games among each other on the newly lined fields at Daly Elementary School. A SPECIAL THANKS to our Equipment and Fields Manager, Chad DeVall, for putting in the extra effort to make sure the fields were ready! If you haven't seen the Academy kids play yet, please keep an eye out on our website (, our Facebook page or on these weekly blurbs for the next local play date. The Academy teams will be heading to Whitefish this weekend. These kids are the future of soccer here in the valley - they are super fun to watch and love the community support.


Also coming up this weekend, our U13 Boys will be hosting at the Hamilton High School. Their game times are at 11:00 AM versus Helena and 2:00 PM versus Polson. As always, concessions will be available and there is no admission charge. Come on out and CHEER FOR THE HOME TEAM!


U13 Boys:

Valley Elite 2 - 7 Missoula Strikers

Valley Elite 1 - 6 Flathead Rapids 


U14 Girls:

Valley Elite 1 - 0 FC Missoula

Valley Elite 3 - 1 Flathead Rapids


U18 Boys:

Valley Elite 1 - 3 Queen City

Valley Elite 6 - 3 Stevensville Sabres


Steve Herbstritt, President and Dave Molesh, Vice President

April 17, 2018 - Weekend Recap: A Message from the President and Vice President


Valley Elite Community,  


The Valley Elite Academy went to Plains this past weekend for their first traveling play date of the season. Both our boys and girls U11 teams made the trip.  The girls played against FC Missoula and Helena Arsenal.  Although the scores didn't end up in our favor, the team played very well and demonstrated many of the techniques we have been working on in practice. They played hard, had lots of fun and built upon a great team relationship on and off the field. The boys played Whitefish and Helena, winning the first and coming up a bit short in the latter.  They also played well and made parents and coaches proud with the energy and commitment they showed.  Our work in practice on technique and tactics is really paying off and it show on the field.  Many thanks to Drew Hayward for stepping up and helping to coach the Academy this weekend and thanks to all the kids and parents who made the drive up and came to play.     


Our competitive teams were faced with a new set of challenges and circumstances. The weather finally cooperated which allowed all of our teams to play and our U14 Girls team hosted a successful game day at the Hamilton High School. Below is our game record for Saturday, April 14th. Don't be dismayed by the win to loss ratio, our coaches are collectively encouraged by the progress our players are making as they learn to the play the game at a new and more controlled level.


U13 Boys

VE - 1 vs FC Missoula - 3

VE - 3 vs Blitzz FC Blue - 0


U14 Girls

VE - 1 vs FC Missoula - 7

VE - 1 vs Flathead Valley United White - 1


U15 Boys


VE - 1 vs Blitzz FC White - 2

VE - 2 vs Flathead Valley United - 4 (unsanctioned game)


U16 Girls 

VE - 0 vs FC Missoula - 8

VE - 0 vs Helena Arsenal SC - 0


U18 Boys

VE - 0  vs Blitzz FC White - 8 (unofficial score)

VE - 0 vs Queen City FC Red - 3


Coming up this Saturday, April 21st, our U18 Boys team will be hosting at the Hamilton High School. The boys play at 12:30 pm and 3:30 pm so please come on out and show your support! There is no entry fee and concessions will be available all day!


Steve Herbstritt, President and Dave Molesh, Vice President

Valley Elite F.C.

April 11, 2018 - Weekend Results: A Message from the President and Vice President


Parents and Players,


We are excited to follow up on our first weekend of competitive soccer.  With the exception of our U15 boys, all of our teams were able to play at least one of their scheduled games.  Clubs all over the state were cancelling due to weather and field conditions.  MYSA struggled to find venues able or willing to host games.  Even Hamilton High School was worried about damage to the fields if games were played and requested we cancel our home games.  Luckily, Stevensville was willing to risk it and ended up hosting 27 games on only 5 fields!  We were competitive with clubs that have traditionally had their way with Valley teams as you will see in our record below.


U13 Boys

VE - 4 vs FC Missoula - 1

VE - 1 vs Flathead Rapids - 1


U14 Girls

VE - 3 vs FC Missoula - 1


U16 Girls

VE - 1 vs Butte - 1

VE - 0 vs Missoula Strikers - 3


U18 Boys

VE - 2 vs Wild Horse YSA - 2

VE - 6 vs Kootenai Rapids - 1


As we enjoy the coming weekend's games, please remember that Montana Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) has an all-inclusive No Dogs in sanctioned events policy.  This is an insurance related requirement and any infractions should result in requested removal from the fields. 


Also, MYSA has requested that all clubs recognize and respect that spectators need to stay on the opposite side of the field from the coaches and players and stay away from behind either goal area during a game.  This is done to avoid conflicts between parents, players and coaches.  As much as it is difficult to see your player hurt and taken off the field, the parent should refrain from checking on him or her until after the game.  If a player is injured and needs immediate medical attention, the coach will contact the parents.


It is very encouraging to see so many parents and family members coming out to support our players even in foul weather conditions such as those experienced on Saturday afternoon.  Thanks for braving the weather as your players growth and experience is enhanced by your continued positive reinforcement and positive comments!  Thank you to everyone that was there this last weekend and we look forward to seeing you out there in the coming weekends.


Steve Herbstritt, President and Dave Molesh, Vice President

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